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Forgiveness And Trust | Why Forgiving Someones Doesn't Mean You Have To Trust Them | Mark Baker.jpg
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Forgiveness And Trust | Why Forgiving Someones Doesn't Mean You Have To Trust Them | Mark Baker.jpg
Forgiveness Trust | Book Contents | Mark Baker.jpg
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Forgiveness And Trust | eBook


Forgiveness And Trust: Why Forgiving Someone Doesn’t Mean You Have To Trust Them

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“I know he is not trustworthy, is unrepentant, and keeps doing the same harmful things, but I am a Christian, and Christians should forgive everybody. Therefore, I will forgive him and trust him and bring him back into my life just like before. That is what ‘unconditional love’ does.”

Tragically, this error of believing that forgiveness equals trust often leads the forgiver to unwittingly subject himself or herself to repeated offenses and harm—and to having their trust repeatedly broken.

Furthermore, this faulty forgiveness-equals-trust dynamic is a breeding ground for abuse, enabling, and dysfunction—some of the most destructive things to relationships, families, and individuals. This happens in churches as well. It also commonly leads to growing hopelessness and depression, a hardened heart, and even (ironically) resentment in the forgiving person. This can also result in rage and harm going back toward the offender. This faulty-forgiveness belief is extremely painful and often results in crippling confusion, self-doubt, and stunted willingness to trust others, or even in trusting God.

The solution is, of course, the truth. We must accurately understand true forgiveness—and how trust is separate from, yet related to, forgiveness. When these realities are rightly understood, we will not falsely blame Christianity or Christians (although self-proclaiming believers do have more than their fair share of sins and misdeeds against others, along with teaching faulty forgiveness). Instead, we will know genuine freedom and peace—along with many other blessings. That is why grace and truth—with an abundance of discernment and the accurate handling of Scripture—are so important for all of life, not to mention avoiding error and its ensuing destruction. Which is why we are so passionate about sharing the truth regarding forgiveness and trust— and is what this book is all about.

Digital eBook

Print Length: 71 pages
Publication Date: February, 2019

Author: Mark D. Baker, Hope For Life Biblical Counseling

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