Forgiveness: A Practical, Biblical Handbook | eBook

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Forgiveness: A Practical, Biblical Handbook | eBook


Forgiveness: A Practical And Biblical Handbook On How To Forgive

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We live in a sinful world, full of sinners, who are prone to sin … a lot. This reality—of sin and its consequences—impacts our lives far more than we realize. Sin, because of how it harms us, produces several life-determining needs, for which God has given us solutions. Just how critical are these needs? If they are not appropriately fulfilled, the result will be profound pain and destruction in our lives and relationships—and even in unimaginable consequences for eternity.

One common need of note is to be forgiven by others. While this forgiveness helps us individually, it is also vital for our relationships. However, as important as this is, it pales in comparison to our superlative need (and blessing) to be forgiven by God and reconciled to Him. This is the Gospel, which has the power to take us from death to life. Nothing is more important.

The reality of sin also reveals that we will be sinned against, and, therefore, hurt by others. This means we all have an ongoing supreme need to forgive others. While most of us are acutely aware of this need, many fail to see another crucial and foundational need, which is to accurately know how to forgive. As a result of missing this need, many struggle with the painful fruit of unforgiveness, both in their relationships and their individual lives.

So why does this crucial know-how need often go unmet? One main reason is that many of us are taught merely to forgive, but not really how to forgive. To complicate matters, many of us have usually learned one or more faulty ways of forgiveness (e.g., “forgive and forget”; just “letting it go”). Either way, for both groups (offended and offender), although they may desire to forgive, the sin and hurt often remains, and likely gets worse and worse. Why? All for one main reason: they do not accurately know how to forgive.

This practical, biblical handbook will examine in depth the decision and the process of forgiveness and the vital importance both play in your life.

Digital eBook

Print Length: 59 pages
Publication Date: March, 2019

Author: Mark D. Baker, Hope For Life Biblical Counseling

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