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Failure To Protect | Abuse In The Church eBook


Failure To Protect: Why Sin & Abuse Is Not Handled Well In The Church

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We are currently witnessing a somewhat recent—yet long overdue—movement within the Church, a movement that seeks to address and expose the egregious problem of abuse. More specifically, this abuse is often understood to mean the taking advantage of and harming of individuals who are generally more vulnerable (usually women and children, although abuse can happen to anyone). This focus on the primary problem (the actual abuse) has also shed light on the problems associated with it: namely, how the sin and abuse have been enabled to occur, and how these abuses have been mishandled or even covered up after they occur.

While the focus of these recent movements has mainly dealt with sexual abuse, we want to expand our field of vision in order to help more victims, to prevent the harm that occurs in many additional ways, and to pursue true justice and real restoration (wherever possible). Furthermore, our desire is for ministries and individuals to have a heightened awareness of these things, and to be fully equipped to address those things which grieve God, harm people, hinder healing, and, ultimately, thwart or pervert true justice.

This book was borne out of decades of experience in various churches and ministries, from witnessing sin, error, and abuse manifest in numerous ways and on different levels—and after years of talking directly with countless people about the sin and abuse they have experienced.

Ultimately, Failure To Protect is a practical, biblical handbook which seeks to uncover why such abuse occurs in church and ministry settings as well as how it can be addressed and changed. And in order to get things right, to truly love and minister to all involved, we need to be thorough and accurate in our understanding of the specific causes and solutions.

Digital eBook

Print Length: 89 pages
Publication Date: February, 2019

Author: Mark D. Baker, Hope For Life Biblical Counseling

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